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Avaya Phone Tips and Tricks (How To)

Personalize Labels

  • Home > Options & Settings > Application Settings > Personalize Labels
  • Scroll to button you want to personalize
  • Edit
  • Enter the personalization you want
  • Save

Team Buttons – (if you have them)

  • When someone’s phone is ringing it will blink green beside of that number
  • If you press once, you can see who is calling
  • Press twice to answer
  • Also, can be used as a speed dial to call that person.


  • For new phones, your voicemail temporary passcode will be mailed to your email address.
  • Must be changed when first accessing voicemail box.
  • Press the message button (envelope icon) to access voicemail
  • You will be prompted to change your password and to set up your mailbox
  • To access your voice mail from an outside line, dial 540-231-1000 and follow the voice instructions. (Your extension will be in the format of 8XXXX in Roanoke and 4XXXX in the CNRIC.)

Unified Messaging: Follow this link to set this up to get the messages in your email:

Speed Dial- To program any of the SD buttons, scroll to screen that shows Abr Program, press the button beside of this feature, scroll to find an available SD button, press the button, enter the number and then press # to save.

Directory – Will only have numbers that are on the new system.  Eventually everyone will be on there.

Contacts – you can add up to 250 contacts.  This can be on or off-campus.  If an off campus number, don’t forget to add the 9+number; if long distance, 9+1+number.

History – press the right arrow button on the navigation wheel to change what calls you see; all calls, missed calls, answered calls, outgoing calls.  These will always be there unless you delete/clear them.  You can add calls to your contact list from your history, but remember if outside number, you have to add the 9 or the 9+1+number.

Changing ring tones – 

  • Home > Options & Settings > Screen & Sound Options > Personalized Ringing.
  • Arrow down to hear each one play.  There are only 6 options to choose from.

Phone button – (telephone icon) press this to return to main page.

Speaker button – Press once to activate and press twice to deactivate.

Volume Control – can be used to adjust the volume of an incoming call, while you are on a call, speaker, handset or headset.


Enable call forwarding: Dial * then 06 followed by the extension number you want to forward too. If dialing an outside line dial 9 + the number.

Disable call forwarding: Dial # then 06.

Send all calls: Send all calls directly to voice mail by dialing * then 15. Your phone will only give a short ring and send people directly to your "cover" or voice mail.

Disable send all calls: Dial # then 15.

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