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Reserve a Room from Gmail

After viewing the calendar for the resource you wish to use, follow the steps below from your calendar to send an appointment and request the time slot.  

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are for using GMail, but any mail application (i.e. Outlook or Office 365) will work, just be sure to include the email address of the resource you wish to schedule in the appointment attendees list / To: field of the appointment.)

  1. Open your Gmail mailbox and navigate to your Gmail calendar
  2. On your calendar, select the day you would like to reserve.
  3. Once selected you should get a pop-up to enter more information. Please put in an appropriate title 
  4. Select Add time, and from the dropdown menu change the hours which you need to reserve the room
  5. On the add guests line, put in the full email address of the room you would like to reserve.
  6. Select Save. If any other messages are received, continue by selecting Send and then Invite All Guests.
  7. Once sent you should receive an email response from the Room email as Tentatively accepted and your room reservation should be complete! 
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