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How to send items to Surplus Property

Complete the Online Surplus Property Report form(s) 

  1. Click here to fill out the Surplus Property Report form.
  2. Fill out the "Surplus Property Report Form. In the "Name of Authorized Signatory" line insert "Sarah Glenn" and "scarr" in the "PID of Authorized Signatory " line.
  3. Attach a mailing label or piece of masking tape with SURPLUS written or typed on it to each item or lot. No POST-IT notes. Non-equipment items such as chairs, or tables, or desks, or miscellaneous office supplies, etc., may be grouped as one lot each for the same type of item.
  4. Once the form is complete and approved, it will be sent to Surplus electronically.
  5. If you need to be contacted when Surplus is coming, please make a note of it on the form. Typically pickups are made within two to three weeks unless there is a conflict with an auction or storage space is not available. Larger items may take longer to pick up.
  6. If a department wishes to deliver items to Surplus, they must call beforehand to schedule a time.
  7. Departments are responsible for assuring that all computer hard drives are erased i.e., free of all data and software. See Surplusing Your IT Equipment for more details.
  8. Computer monitors and TVs contain toxic elements, therefore, Environmental, Health, and Safety Services is responsible for the disposal of all computer monitors and TVs that are NOT flat screen. For more information please see this web site
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