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Accessing Lab Computers Remotely

If you have the need to access a lab computer remotely, please Start a Conversation so we may assist.  We can provide remote access services using a secure Web browser connection over the VPN from any machine.  Please note: 

  1. This service is available for all FBRI-provided Windows computers and Linux computers that run our most recent image.  At this time we cannot provide this service for Mac / OSX-based computers. 
  2. This service is intended only for those computers in wet / dry lab areas that remain in the lab.  This is NOT intended for remote access to PCs located in offices.  

Examples of intended use: 

  • Computers attached to specific equipment that need to be monitored / accessed.
  • Computers running workloads that must remain in the lab.

For those PCs not attached to laboratory equipment that are running workloads or long-term processes, we have other options that may allow those workloads to run inside the data center in a more secure, robust, and efficient way.  Start a Conversation and / or review our VME options for more information.  

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