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Backup freezer locations and usage.

FBRI maintains backup -20 and -80 freezers on all floors of building 2 Riverside Circle and on the second floor of 4 Riverside Circle. They are available for emergency backup, or by reservation for temporary use and while defrosting your lab’s primary freezer.

To reserve space in a FBRI freezer, please “start a conversation” in the FBRI Help Center ( and include the follow information.

  • Freezer type and Location
  • Start and end date
  • Brief description of items placed inside
  • Number of shelves needed
  • Use the "backup freezer signup sheet" located on the front of each freezer

List of Freezers and locations:

2 Riverside Circle

1st floor 

Laboratory hallway (R1101) near room R1062

  • Norlake -20C freezer and Thermo -80C ultralow freezer
  • Thermo -80 ultralow freezer

2nd floor

 Laboratory hallway (R2013) next to the centrifuge and near room 2017

  • Thermo -80 ultralow freezer

Room R2068

  • Two Thermo -20 freezers and one Thermo -80 ultralow freezer

3rd floor

Laboratory hallway (R3015) near room 3023

  • Helmer -80 ultralow freezer

Laboratory hallway (R3026) near vivarium entrance

  • Thermo -20 Freezer

4 Riverside Circle 

2nd floor 

Laboratory hallway (2300) near the autoclave room #2302

  • Thermo -80 ultralow freezer
  • Thermo -20 freezer

*Location maps attached below


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