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Scheduling a FedEx pickup

2 Riverside Circle

  • Place your package in the dock area pickup location
  • Call FedEx at 1-800-463-3339, it is automated so speak clearly and slowly
  • When prompted for why you are calling:
  • Say: Schedule an express pickup (same day) if called before 2pm or ground pickup (next day)
  • It will ask if your packages weigh more than 150 lbs. Say: No
  • FedEx Account #: (the receptionist)
  • Verify address of 2 Riverside Circle: Say: Yes
  • How many packages? Are they ready? Confirm your pickup and receive your pickup number

4 Riverside Circle

 Follow above steps until the address verification step: Automatically defaults to 2 Riverside Circle: Say: No

  • It will ask what the new address is.
  • Residential or Commercial: Say: Commercial
  • Does this location have a suite number: Say: No suite
  • It will ask for the zip code: 24016 and then the address: 4 Riverside Circle
  • First and last name of person sending: John Brown (must spell out each)
  • Verify FBRI phone # 540-526-2500: Yes
  •  Confirm your pickup and receive your pickup number
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