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Glass washing procedures and locations

The FBRI maintains glass washers on all floors of building 2 Riverside Circle and on the first, second and third floors of 4 Riverside Circle. They are available for individual use, after completing onsite training by coordinating with Destiny Duncan ( These washers are not to be used for cage washing.

Laboratory items needing washed can also be left for laboratory support to process. These can be taken to any of the washrooms listed below in Riverside 2 or Riverside 4. Items can be left on the shelves that are designated for ‘dirty glassware and non-waste items for autoclave’. The gray trays can be used for this purpose. Please leave a note with each tray with lab name and any specific instructions. Wash cycle choices are a regular detergent wash or an acid wash cycle. Once the items have been washed and dried, they will be placed on the ‘clean and sterilized items’ shelf for pickup. If items need to be sterilized after washing and drying, please specify this on your note. Turn-around time for this service is usually 24-48 hours.

Washroom locations:

2 Riverside Circle

1st floor 

Room R1091

2nd floor

Room R2096

3rd floor

Room R3016

4 Riverside Circle 

1st floor

Room R1302

Room R1402

2nd floor 

Room R2302

Room R2402

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