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Internet Domain Name Registration

If you have a need to register and purchase a domain name for a project or grant, we are happy to assist and can help with the registration process and setting it up in DNS so people can find it.  

If the domain is related to a specific project, event,  or a generic topic such as:


...we recommend working through us and we will establish the domain. 

If you are looking to register a domain for your lab, or something tied to you personally such as, we recommend establishing and purchasing that on your own so you may retain it if your lab or department moves.  We are happy to recommend a provider and assist you with your set up.  We currently recommend GoDaddy for this.  

NOTE: We do offer lab www sites and URLs in the form of  and are happy to point any 'vanity domain names' to it. 

If you would like to request a domain name and / or a Wordpress website to associate with it, just Start a Conversation to request it. 

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