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Submitting Invoices to VT Electronically

Accounts Payable will temporarily allow departments to email invoices to using the guidelines below.   


• For each invoice only send one (1) PDF file that contains all of the supporting documentation for the invoice.  

• You must include the purchase order number on the first page of the PDF file. This can be hand written or inserted as a textbox to the PDF file. This is necessary because Controller’s Office employees are uploading the invoice into the Banner document management system, not processing from the email.   

• All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will need to be blacked out by the department prior to sending the documentation to the Controller’s Office.

• You can submit multiple invoices to in one (1) email

• Do not email the invoice and send the paper documents to the Controller’s Office.  It is each department’s responsibility to maintain all of the original paper documents for the transaction for one year after the end of the applicable fiscal year that the transaction was recorded. If you email the invoice and send the original paper document, the Controller’s Office will need to return it to the department. The Controllers’ Office will maintain the imaged records for seven years before destruction. The department can view the imaged documents using Banner Finance. 

Please contact Brandon Webb, Accounts Payable Manager ( with any questions regarding the Accounts Payable information above.



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