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Why do I Have Two Email Addresses?

Virginia Tech and the FBRI have different user directories and email systems.  Virginia Tech email addresses end in and FBRI (and VTCSOM) email addresses end in  

Which is preferred?  When working in the FBRI / HS&T campus, your should be your preferred account.    

If you are FBRI Faculty or Staff, most every interaction with you will take place through your FBRI,, email address.  If you will be participating and using FBRI email lists, shared calendars, free/busy scheduling, and want visibility to the address book, you will want to use your mailbox as your primary account.  People on the main campus, as well as systems such as payroll, will notify you using your account.  To avoid confusion and manage your mail from only one account, click here to learn how to forward your Virginia Tech mail to FBRI.   

Students, collaborators, and volunteers won't typically receive a separate, additional FBRI mailbox. Instead, we create an email address in our address book that is forwarded to your or other external account.  If you have a need for a mailbox, or your lab requires one, just let us know through this help site.

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