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Timesheet Entry Instructions for WebClock

To clock in using the WebClock, employee must enter CAS PID and Password to login.

Accessing the WebClock

Access the following link:

Click on the WebClock option

Enter CAS PID and password

Entering Time Sheets

Click the Time Sheet Entry button

Follow the Entry steps below

Time Sheet Entry

Enter the Date (Note: Be careful you select the correct date!)

Select the Time (leaving the default time is fine)

For each time sheet, select the Job Code(s) and enter the hours under the appropriate day.

Select your Cost Code (funding source) from the drop down menu. 

A separate Excel file has been distributed to you via email with all cost codes defined for your reference.

Add your work as you enter hours.  Save your work before you change time sheets.

Unlike the VTCRI timesheet, WebClock keeps hours on a sixty minute platform.  So three and a half hours would be recorded as 3:30 rather than 3.5.

Click Save.

Click the View Hours button to double check the hours.


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