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Configure the iOS Mail App for FBRI Email

This article is written for iOS 10.x and above.  Other versions will be similar.

As an alternative, you can also install the free Microsoft Outlook client on your mobile device.  

Configuring the iOS Mail App for FBRI Email: 

  1. Go to Accounts & Passwords under Settings on the iPhone
  2. Select Add Account
  3. Select Exchange
  4. You will be promoted for your Email and a Description.  Enter your FBRI email address and "FBRI" (or similar) for the description.  
  5. Click Next
  6. On the screen that pops up, select Configure Manually
  7. Enter your password in the password field
  8. On the next screen, enter the information below:
    1. Server:
    2. Domain: VTCRI
    3. Username: your FBRI username
    4. Password: your FBRI password
  9. Click Next
  10. Toggle what you would like to have configured (Mail, Contacts, etc.) and click Save 

Your FBRI email account will now be accessible in the iOS Mail App.  To make changes, return to Settings and select Accounts & Passwords

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