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What is the VME?

Click here for an overview and instructions on how to access the VME. 

The Virtual Machine Environment, or VME, is a compute environment that exists entirely in the FBRI data center and allows for uninterrupted and fast access to tools and storage.  For example, if you have data that needs to be processed and analyzed via MatLab, a VM (virtual machine) in the datacenter can be assigned and used versus tying up the local resources on your lab workstations.  

This is intended as an improved replacement for local Windows processing, NoMachine and / or OpenNX.

This allows for: 

  • Fast access to the enterprise storage.  The VME is connected to the storage network at 10 - 40 gb / sec. 
  • Uninterrupted workflows.  You can start work on a virtual machine and disconnect to do other things with your PC and your work will remain active.  You can reconnect to the session at a later time and from a different PC / location.  
  • Highly available workstations.  The VMs run in an environment that allows them to "migrate" between different physical hosts in the datacenter if there is a need.  This means the VME can suffer a hardware failure and your VMs and their associated workflows can continue to function. 
  • Your Lab, Project, and FBRI network home directories are all available inside the VME. 
  • NO software needs to be added to your workstation.  All you need is a Web browser and a VPN connection (if working remotely). 

NOTE: At this time, we do not have GPU capabilities or support within the VME.  However, it is coming.  

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