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Access Files on a Mac Over SCP / SSH (OS X)

If you have SSH configured to access your office Mac computer, you can access files stored on it locally from a remote machine (requires VPN if off site).  Here's how: 

NOTE: You Mac in the office needs to be powered on and you need to know your computer name / hostname.  

  1. Download and install Viper FTP from the App Store (free). 
  2. Connect to the FBRI VPN if not already. 
  3. Open the Viper FTP App and click Start.
  4. Click Allow on the window that opens. 
  5. In the application menu bar at the top of your Mac screen, click Remote then Quick Connect.
  6. Populate the screen as depicted below where:
    1. Address: Your FBRI computer name
    2. User: Your FBRI username
    3. Password: Your FBRI password
    4. Path: /Users/
    5. Protocol: SFTP

  7. Click Connect.
  8. In a few moments, you should be connected to your Mac in the office and should see a folder list that includes your username.  Open that folder and you should see your local home directory and files on the remote Mac.  
  9. Drag and drop files to copy them back and forth. 
  10. Click the Eject button in the upper right hand corner to disconnect. 
Choose files or drag and drop files
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