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Accessing Lab and Project Shares (Mac | OSX)

You can access your Lab and Project shares via your Mac through the GUI by following the steps below.  NOTE: You will need to be connected to the FBRI wired network or FBRI VPN to access these resources.

[TIP: To create persistent icons for these connections, see this article:]

UNC Paths for SMB connections: 

                      \\\efs\labname (limited access)

  1. In your menu bar while Finder has focus (is active) click Go then Connect to Server or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘K. 
  2. In the dialog that opens, type: smb:// or smb:// and click  Connect. (Note the direction of the / in the path.)
  3. If you receive this message, click Connect
  4. In the authentication window, enter your FBRI username and password and click Connect.
  5. The Finder should open an new window and you should see your Lab share or Projects.

To re-open the window if you closed the Finder: 

  1. Open another Finder window and look for the connection in the left hand window pane under Shared.

View the connection on your Desktop: 

  1. If you don't see the newly connected share on your Desktop, open the Finder preferences
  2. In the window that opens, ensure Connected Servers is selected.

To connect to the share every time you login to your Mac, add it to your User Login Items:

  1. Perform the steps above to show the connection on your Desktop. 
  2. Open System Preferences on your Mac. 
  3. Open Users and Groups.
  4. Highlight your account on the left. 
  5. Click Login Items at the top of the Window. 
  6. Drag the share drive icon from your desktop into the Login Items window.  
  7. Close System Preferences.
  8. The next time you login, the share will be reconnected.  You may be prompted for your username and password. 

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