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Home Directories

The FBRI provides each user a private storage area on the network referred to as a Home Directory.  This is your space on the network and can be used to store files you wish to be protected on the network, but don't wish to share with others.  This is an ideal location for personal documents, presentations, some application data, etc. but not an ideal location for project data.  

NOTE: You will need to be connected to the FBRI wired network or FBRI VPN to access these resources.

HOME DIRECTORY UNC PATH: \\\home\username

DATA PROTECTION: Home directories are backed up nightly and kept for a minimum of 30 days.  Data stored on your local PC or Mac is not backed up by the FBRI. 

Accessing your home directory: 

  • On a FBRI Windows computer, your home directory should be mapped for you automatically and assigned the drive letter U:\.
  • On a Mac or OS X device, you can map to the UNC path listed above by following similar instructions found here using the path smb://
  • On VTCRI Linux systems, your home directory should be auto-mounted in /home/username which you can access by simply typing cd ~ and pressing enter.
    • Newer systems are mounted to /home/username/rihome.

CLOUD BASED HOME DIRECTORY:  As employees and students of Virginia Tech, we are offered protected (up to FERPA level data) and unlimited storage in Google Drive.  If you wish to have your personal, non-research, data available to you in the cloud and from all your devices, visit here to learn more.

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