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Accessing Scanner Data

The FBRI has several fMRI/PET scanners as well as other similar resources in our campus.  Accessing the data scanned from those can vary depending on the source.  We're hoping to consolidate this to a more user friendly option in the near future.  

Riverside 2 Resources:

Traditionally labs set the metadata for the StudyDescription (TAG: 0008,1030) to Experiments^LABNAME. So the Jones lab would be Experiments^Jones.

You'll access these from any VME, FBRI Cluster, or FBRI Imaged Linux Workstation at the following location - /mnt/nfs/scanner/data/Experiments^LABNAME/

From here you can copy to your project directory at /mnt/nfs/proj/projectname.

Riverside 4 Resources:

These have an owner for the resource to manage the scans and data.  Once you need access to a resource, please Start a conversation to gain access.  This data is organized by the resource owner.

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