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IBM SPSS Error: Warning! You do not have the correct administrator privileges to license this product

Follow the steps below to solve the Administrator Privilege Error when attempting to license IBM SPSS.

  1. If open, close the IBM SPSS Statistics product.
  2. If open, close the License Authorization Wizard.
  3. Open Finder.
  4. Select the 'Go' menu.
  5. Select the 'Utilities' menu.
  6. Open the 'Terminal' program (/Applications/Utilities/
  7. Type (copy/paste) the following command to change directory to the SPSS Statistics installation folder.
  8. cd /Applications/
  9. Press Enter/Return.
  10. Perform the procedure corresponding to the Statistics product version as described below:
  11. Type (copy/paste) the following command: sudo chown -R root:admin "IBM SPSS Statistics 27"
  12. Press Enter/Return.
  13. Close Terminal.
  14. Launch the License Authorization Wizard.
  15. The warning message should no longer appear.
  16. License your IBM SPSS Statistics product.

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