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URL Shortner

The Fralin Biomedical Research Institute offers a URL shortner for your WWW page development and URL sharing needs.  To request access Start a Conversation

After access has been granted, you can access the shortener with the following steps:

  1. Go to the admin link you will have received.
  2. Enter in the login credentials provided.
  3. To shorten a link:
    1. Paste the website address you wish to shorten in the Enter the URL: box.
    2. Type what you wish to shorten the address to in the Custom short URL: box.
    3. Select Shorten the URL and it will appear in the table below.
    4. You can now select the short link in the box below Your short link and it will be automatically copied to your clipboard for pasting.

 After you have sent out the shortened link, you can check to see how many times it has been used (along with other statistics) by logging back into the Admin page and looking at the statistics per link.

NOTE: Shortened URL's are case-sensitive.  'FBRI' is not the same as 'fbri'.

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