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Guest Wifi Access

Virginia Tech Guest Wireless (Available at the FBRI and the CNRIC)

[Click here to download a one-page hand out for guests. ]

Virginia Tech Guest Wireless access will provide you with Internet access for up to 9 hours before being disconnected and having to reconnect.

  1. On your mobile device or computer, connect to the VirginiaTech network.

    Image of the VirginiaTech SSID in the WiFi settings of iOS

  2. Start a Web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

  3. Open a web browser on your device and visit: (NOTE: "http://" not "https://")  You should be redirected to the VT wireless guest portal.  If not, manually, go to the guest wireless portal at:
  4. Click the Guest icon.

  5. Click the Create a new guest wireless account button.
    (If you already have username and password credentials for the VirginiaTechSSID guest wireless network that you created previously or that were given to you, follow the instructions under Have Account.)

    Image of the Create a new guest wireless account button

  6. Create your account.
    1. In the Your Name: text box, type your first and last name.

    2. In the Mobile Phone Number: text box, type your 10-digit phone number including the area code.
      (If you do not have access to a mobile phone or can't receive SMS text messages, see the FAQs below.)

    3. In the Username (Email Address): text box, type your email address, including the information after the @ symbol. TIP: Using a personal address works best.

    4. Click the Register button.

      Image of the required text boxes and Register button for creating a guest account.

  7. The password will be sent as an SMS text message to the phone number you provided.
    (If you want your password sent to the email address you provided, click the Email receipt to ABC link, where ABC will be replaced with the email address you provided.)

  8. Connect to the network.

    1. Click the Connect button.

    2. Verify that the Username: text box contains the email address you provided earlier.

    3. In the Password: text box, type the six-digit numeric code sent to you in an SMS text message or email.

    4. After reading the acceptable use policy, place a check in the I accept the terms of the Virginia Tech Acceptable Use Policy check box.

    5. Click the Log In button. When the connection is complete, you will see the Welcome to the Virginia Tech guest wireless network page.

      Image of the Username, Password text boxes, terms check box, and Log In button

NOTE: The non-sponsored guest service is limited to two devices per guest.


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