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SURF and MolVis Students

Welcome to the FBRI!  This article is intended to help you get started with setting up your accounts, getting familiar with this Help Site, and introducing you to some of our services.   Whether you are faculty, staff, students, volunteers, or collaborators, this site contains resources to help you get started.  

Please review the entire article as it contains important steps and information.  Please also provide any feedback you may have and report any broken or incorrect links.  

Welcome to the Team!

NOTE: It can be helpful to right-click on the links below and open them in a new tab or Window so you don't 'lose' this page.  

For the purpose of this article, 'Virginia Tech' refers to the main Blacksburg campus and the services it provides. 'FBRI' refers to the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC and services and systems provided by it.  
Not all services and tools listed are available to volunteers and collaborators, so all sections below may not apply. 


Please make sure you are aware of our security and emergency contact information and sign up for system alerts if you have not yet done so through Virginia Tech. 

1. VTCRI emergency Contact Information.
2. View and Subscribe to Emergency Alerts (VTC, VT, Carilion Clinic).

1. VTCRI Fire Drill and Evacuation Assembly Point.

1. Parking at the VTCRI.  

Virginia Tech and the FBRI have policies for the access and use of information technology and related services.  Review the following policies and ensure you are familiar with the guidelines and expectations therein:

  1. VTCRI Computer Resources Acceptable Use Policy
  2. Univeristy IT Related Policies
  3. Virginia Tech Acceptable Use Policy

If you will be using a FBRI provided laptop, mobile device, or tablet you are required to review the VT Fixed Asset Policy as well as complete a Home Use Form and turn it into the IT Staff.  

  1. Home Use Authorization Form


  1. Why do I have two user accounts and what are they for? 
  2. Establishing or resetting your VTCRI password.
  3. Getting started with 2 factor authentication (2FA) for your Virginia Tech PID.
  4. Changing your Virginia Tech PID password.


  1. Students and volunteers don't typically receive a separate, additional FBRI mailbox. Instead, we create an email address in our address book so we can find you and add you to mailing lists.  All mail sent to this address is redirected to your or other external account.  If you have a need for a mailbox, or your lab requires one, just let us know through this help site!
  2. Accessing your Virginia Tech email. 

You are already here!  This FBRI Help Center is intended to assist you with interacting with all services and departments within the FBRI.  Please register and create an account then explore this site and return to it often. (NOTE: Because many of our users are external to the FBRI, the password for this help site is separate / unique and not tied to your FBRI credentials.  You must create and use a separate password when registering.)  

  1. Navigating and using the VTCRI Help Site. 
  2. Registering and creating an account for the VTCRI Help Site.
  3. Recovering a forgotten password for the VTCRI Help Site. 


While at the FBRI, you may access the Internet from your personal mobile devices using the VT Open Wifi.  To learn how visit this page.  

The FBRI offers several printers in common areas that allow for print, copy, FAX, scan to email, and print to USB.  These are typically Konica Minolta BizHub C368 printers and will be pre-installed on most research institute-provided computers.  

  1. Windows: Add a printer
  2. Mac OSX: Add a printer
  3. Overview of the Konica Minolta BizHub c368
  4. Print, Scan, Email, Print to/from USB, FAX 

The FBRI offers these primary network storage locations: 

1. Home Directories: Your private place on the network.
2. Lab Shares: Shared storage for your Lab.
3. Project Shares: Shared storage for projects, typically created as an individual folder / directory for each project.

PLEASE NOTE: Data stored on the network is backed up and protected.  FBRI does not backup or protect data stored locally on workstations.  

PROTECTING YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER: It is important to protect your personal computer, and the networks you attach to, so please install anti-virus / anti-malware on any non-FBRI assets  if you don't already have a package installed. 

1.  Anti-virus malware protection recommendations.

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