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Anti-Virus Software and Protection

The FBRI network, the assets attached to it, and the data stored within are very important to us and are at the heart of our success second only to our people.  It is extremely important that we protect those assets in every way possible.  One way you can help is to ensure that all personal computers attached to our network either via wireless, wired, or remote (VPN) networks, are protected from viruses and are up to date on patches. 

FBRI provides antivirus software and protection for FBRI-owned assets.   If you are using a personal device, please protect it and the networks you access by installing and configuring one of the options below: 

Windows and Mac OSX:


Consult the documentation included with your operating system.

[Please be aware that by responding to changes in licensing and advancements in antivirus technology, Virginia Tech limits downloads of the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) software package to active Virginia Tech faculty and staff.
Additionally, at the end of the 2017-2018 academic year (June 30, 2018), all students must uninstall all Symantec software obtained from Virginia Tech. This does not include trial versions or software purchased from a third-party.
Please see Antivirus Protections for Student Computers and Devices for more information.]

Ensure your PC or Mac is always up to date with patches: 

Keep your Windows PC updated

Keep your Mac / OSX machine updated

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