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[LEGACY - PRE-ZOOM]: Basic Phone and Voice Mail Operations

Your Phone Number

Your phone should display your extension number in the LCD display.  This 5 digit extension should be in the format of 8XXXX. You can dial this extension directly from any FBRI, VTSOM or Virginia Tech phone. The last four digits of the extension represent your Direct Dial number. If your extension is 8-1234 then your Roanoke direct dial number will be 540-526-1234.

To call phones within the FBRI and the Roanoke campus, use the 5 digit dial pattern of 8XXXX where XXXX is the extension you wish to call.  For offices in the CNRIC, use 4XXXX where XXXX is the extension you wish to call. 

Internally at the FBRI, VTCSOM and Virginia Tech employees will be able to see your extension by caller ID if you call them using 5 digit dialing. From outside (calls made by dialing 9) ALL CALLS show as originating from 540-526-2000. When people call this number they will be prompted with a recording that states they have reached a non working number at Virginia Tech.

Calling the main Virginia Tech campus. 

Voice Mail

Press the envelope icon on the upper right of your phone or dial 11000 (231-1000) to access your voice mail from your desktop phone

To access your voice mail from an outside line, dial 540-231-1000 and follow the voice instructions. (Your extension will be in the format of 8XXXX.)

To change your voice mail password, system greeting, or digitized reading of your display name, follow the menu prompts.

Set up your Virginia Tech voicemail for the first time.

Dialing Out

At the dial tone 5 digit extensions may be entered directly. 

Local 7 digit numbers dial 9 plus the 7 digits. 

Long distance or 800 numbers in the US or Canada dial 9 + 1 + the area code + the number.

For international calls dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + number.  

Tips for international calling can be found here.

Country codes can be found here.


Enable call forwarding: Dial * then 06 followed by the extension number you want to forward too. If dialing an outside line dial 9 + the number.

*06 plus 9 plus the number (if you're forwarding to an outside line). If it's long distance, include 1 + the area code. Pause and wait for the three beeps acknowledging that the forwarding is set.

Disable call forwarding: Dial # then 06 and wait for the beeps.

Send all calls: Send all calls directly to voice mail by dialing * then 15. Your phone will only give a short ring and send people directly to your "cover" or voice mail.

Disable send all calls: Dial # then 15.

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