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Account Expiration and Removal

In an effort to meet IT security best practices and to protect the assets of the Research Institute and Virginia Tech, FBRI accounts that have not accessed the network in 90 days will be marked for expiration and archival.  

In some cases, for example some remote collaborators and students, accounts may not appear as in use or having accessed the network depending on user workflows.  

If you have been directed to this page via an email from us, you have received a report we will be running regularly for your review.  This report contains a list of those accounts we have associated with your area of responsibility and are marked for upcoming expiration. 

If there are users on the list that should not be expiring, please Start a Conversation with us and list those users that should not lose access.   They will be flagged to not be removed and will not appear on future reports until our annual audit.  

If you wish to not receive this report and would prefer to have a delegate receive it, please identify the best recipient for us.  


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