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ARRC (3123) AV Documentation

Connecting with a Laptop to the monitor

- To connect to the monitor, connect your computer to the VGA cable located on the table.  

- With the monitor remote, ensure that the monitor is set to the PC input.

- Please utilize an adapter if you need a connection other than VGA. You may be able to borrow an adapter from the IT office, if one is available in stock.

- If a black screen occurs while using an HDMI adapter your device may need additional power.  Try plugging in the USB cable on the HDMI adapter and see if this resolves the issue.

Connecting the Room PC to the monitor/projecto

- The room PC is wall mounted to the below the TV/monitor. Ensure that the monitor is set to the first HDMI input using the TV/monitor remote.

- Ensure that the projector is set to the second HDMI input utilizing the grey projector remote.

- Please locate the Dell keyboard and mouse on the table to control this PC. 

If you need additional AV assistance please click the "Start a conversation" icon above and submit a request for assistance.

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