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Lab coat ordering instructions - Cintas

Lab coat ordering instructions

The helpdesk assigns the ticket to Debb Boles. Complete the order form and attach to the ticket. If you are ordering a large number, attach a list not an order form. Debb will contact you with any questions. She needs 3 business days for processing.

Cintas needs a two-week turnaround for processing the order, and lab coat and scrub deliveries.

There is a two-week turnaround time when coats and scrubs are returned to warehouse for laundering. This is why we suggest ordering 3 coats or scrubs per person.

1 – to wear

2 – out to laundry

3 – out for delivery

If you do not send the coats and scrubs for laundering then no coats or scrubs return.

To send for laundering, the coats and scrubs go in a water-soluble bag, and put in the dirty locker.

Delivery is 10:15 to 10:30 am every Wednesday. Please put laundry in the dirty locker Tuesday evening.

If your order is incorrect or was not delivered email Debb Boles immediately


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