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General P-Card Procedures

The Purchasing Card (P-Card is available as an optional method for purchasing goods and services.

The P-Card is for university purposes only, personal use is not allowed under any circumstances.

P-Cards shall not be shared.  Only the person whose name is on the card is allowed to use the card.

HokieMart should be used with major suppliers which the university has an arrangement.

The P-Card should be used for urgent emergency requirements or local purchases.

The vendor/supplier must provide an itemized receipt.

Never fax or email the P-Card number to a vendor.


P-Card Compliance Summary

  • The university is tax exempt – do not pay sales tax
    • If you incur sales tax on a purchase, return with your receipt and ask that the sale be re-processed to put a slaes tax credit on your card.
    • The transaction limit is $2,000 – exceptions should be accompanied by a university approval
    • The pre-set transaction ceiling shall not be circumvented by “splitting” orders (i.e. placing more than one order in an attempt to purchase goods or services valued over the pre-set transaction limit).
    • Airfare is permissible, but travel is not, so no lodging and no bundles (flight + hotel)
    • No rental vehicles

P-Card Monthly Reconciliation

  • Each transaction must be tracked by using a manual or electronic log or file.  A reminder email will sent once P-Card statements arrive, attached to the email will be P-Card Certification Form and P-Card Listing Sheet
  • By the 5th of each month you will need to submit your p-card package to Deborah Boles for review and approval.  If you are out of town during that timeframe, you are required to complete this process before leaving.
  • The P-Card package consists of the following items:
    • The P-Card statement
    • Signed P-Card certification form
    • The listing sheet
    • The listing sheet should be filled in with all the transaction data as well as the funding source, an account code and a transaction description.  The workbook contains a “Codes” tab to assist with identifying the appropriate account code for each purchase.  If you fill the code into column G, column H will auto populate.  If you do not see a code that fits your purchase, consult with Deborah Boles.
    • All applicable receipts that reflect the transaction amount.  A packing slip will not suffice.  Receipts should be in order based on your statement and numbering is also helpful.
    • If applicable, resolution or status of resolution documentation of P-Card outstanding issues like sales tax or credits pending.


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