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Types of Conference Room Setups (Tables, Chairs, etc.)

There are four different kinds of conference room set-ups.  Each is listed below:

Classroom Style

Classroom style includes rows of tables, with the chairs pointed towards the presentation and speaker. This setup, usually, includes a podium or instructors table at the front of the room, as well.


Tables lined up to form the shape of a "U". Every participant has a clear view of any presentation materials.

Hollow Square

Similar to a U shape, but tables line up in four lines, forming a square. This setup may not be ideal if there is a presentation, as the tables nearest the projector screen/monitor will have their backs towards the presentation.


Setup with rows of chairs facing the presentation.  There are no tables in this setup, which provides the ability to add more seats.

Note: There are limitations in regards to storage space. If your meeting requires the removal of tables, please reach out to us as soon as possible, so that we can do our best to accommodate.

If you have an upcoming conference floor setup requests please feel free to Start a conversation.

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