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General P-Card Packet Information

General P-Card Information:

Taping receipts: when taping receipts to a piece of paper do not tape over any information. The tape dissolves the ink and cannot read the pertinent information.

Unallowable purchases:

No Food

No deposits for any reason to any vendor

No first class / Business class on domestic flights

No rental vehicles

No reservations for any reason to any vendor

No gifts, wrapping paper, gift bags, party supplies, gift certificates

No small appliances - Including microwaves, refrigerators, see Finance Services Manager

Airfare receipt must provide:

-  Name(s) of traveler(s)

-  Departure and arrival information

-  Seating class

-  Itemized flight payment

P-Card Listing Log (excel spreadsheet):

I update the account code tab periodically so please feel free to use the log attached to the reminder email

-  Email your p-card log to me

-  When printing p-card log for you packet please make sure all information is visible

-  Conference Registrations: Account Code 12897 – Registration Fees-Employee Training

-  Must provide an itemized receipt with conference name

-  Cloud Services: Account Code 1275A 

Please remember the p-card is not a catch all for purchases and is to be used sparingly. P-cards are used (but not limited to) emergency purchases, vendors who do not accept HokieMart, airfare, conference registrations, and professional memberships and dues. If you must purchase something out of the ordinary, please contact me before you make the purchase with your p-card.

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