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FBRI Clusters - Useful Commands

In order to run jobs on the clusters, you will need to load all the modules needed by your workloads.   ALL users will need to load these first three: 

Make all modules available to use:

module load shared
module load EB-modules

Load Slurm for Job Management:

module load slurm

HINT: Place these 3 commands in your .bashrc to be loaded at every login

To see all the loaded / running modules:

module list

IMPORTANT: Interactive Sessions:
    You do not want to run you jobs directly on the login node.  If your prompt looks like the one below, you are on the login node.    

[jsmith@lnode001 ~]$ 

If you are using an advanced Slurm script to launch your job and distribute it to multiple nodes, you can do so from the login node.  If you are just looking to access a random node to run a simple workload, run an interactive session using the following command: 

srun -N 1 --ntasks-per-node=8 --pty bash

This will place you on a random compute node and your prompt should now look something like this: 

[jsmith@cnode014 ~]$ 

Now you are ready to load application modules and get your workload(s) started!

NOTE: if you wish to specify a node to work on vs. having one assigned, you can add the 


option to your run command: 

srun -N 1 --ntasks-per-node=8 --nodelist=hawking-cnode01  --pty bash

[use 'sinfo' for a list of available nodes.]

EXAMPLE Application Load (MatLab):

Once the three modules above have been loaded, you can list all the available modules:

module avail

Once you find the module you wish to load using the command above, you can load the module using:

module load <modulename> 

For example, MatLab is listed (as of February 2021) as


You can load MatLab by executing: 

module load MATLAB/2018b

NOTE: Some modules may take some time to load as the application files have to be copied to the nodes.  Be patient.  When done, type 'exit' to leave MatLab. 

Additional Module Commands:

module list
List all loaded modules
module avail
List all available modules
module load {modulename}
Load individual module
module unload {modulename}
Unload individual module
module show {modulename}
Shows detailed contents of modulefile
module spider {modulename}
Shows description and more information of Module

Launching an interactive session:

srun -N 1 --ntasks-per-node=8 --pty bash

Mounting your Fralin BioMedical Research Institute Home Drive:


NOTE: This will mount to ~/rihome and only accessible from the login node

Unmounting your Fralin BioMedical Research Institute Home Drive:


Click the link below to download a Slurm command summary PDF.  


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