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Add an Internet (Google) Calendar to Outlook for Mac (OS X)

Outlook for Mac currently does not support adding an Internet calendar, however, there is a workaround to have one show up:

  1. Login in using your FBRI credentials. 
  2. In the menu items in the bottom of the left hand bar, click calendar.
  3. Under your list of calendars, right click Other Calendars and choose Add Calendar.
  4. Select the Open Calendar from the Internet option and enter the URL to your Internet or Google calendar.  Click OK.
  5. The calendar should now appear in your list of calendars under Other Calendars.
  6. To rename it to a more meaningful name, right click the new calendar and select Rename.
  7. The calendar should now be visible within Outlook for Mac.  If not, close the application and restart. 

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