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Password Reset over VPN for Windows Machines

If you are using a machine provided by the FBRI, you will be prompted to reset your password per our password policy. 

If you follow the steps located at: How to Establish, Change, or Reset Your FBRI (not VT PID) Password,  you will be able to establish your new password. If you are logged in remotely via our VPN solutions after your password change, there will be an additional set of steps you will need to follow:

  1. Log into the machine with the password you used prior to the change.
  2. Connect to the VPN with your password you recently changed to.
  3. After the VPN has connected, lock the computer by pressing Windows-Key+L, using CTRL-ALT-DEL and selecting Lock, or selecting the Start Menu and then the Person icon followed by Lock.
  4. Once it is locked, click the screen and log into your machine with the newly changed password.

At this point your machine will have synced. It may help to restart your machine so that any shared/network drives connect seamlessly when connecting remotely.

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