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Account Lockout and Reset

In line with University IT Security Policies / best practices and to better protect your accounts and FBRI digital assets, we have an account lockout policy enabled for all FBRI accounts.  In the event of 10 bad password attempts in a time period of 15 minutes, an account will be locked for a period of 15 minutes.  This is a global policy and one that impacts all accounts and does not allow for exceptions.  

Why is my account locking out?
The most common reasons for an account locking out due to the policy describe above are: 

  1. Your password was recently changed and you, or an application on your computer, is attempting to login or access resources using your old (previous) password. 
  2. You have connected to the VPN with your old password, changed your password, and have not logged back in to the VPN with your new password.  (You may also have an additional (i.e. your home PC) device still logged in / trying to log in with your old password. 
  3. Someone (or an automated system or 'bot') is attempting to guess your password and log in as you. 

How can I stop this from happening? 

  1. If you have changed your password recently while connected to the VPN, follow the instructions in this article (Windows users only).  
  2. Make sure you have disconnected all VPN connections and reconnected them using your new password. 
  3. Reboot all your devices and machines. 
  4. Check all of your devices (including mobile) and make sure you have changed to your new password for all mail accounts, calendars, etc. 
  5. Check for any shared calendars or additional mailboxes connected to all copies of Outlook on all computers you use.  They could be using your old password as well. 
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