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Accessing FBRI resources via SSH

When providing access to various servers and equipment you may be granted SSH access.  

To request access, please refer to this help article and have an Access Request Form submitted by your lab manager or PI.

Once access has been requested and established for the specific servers, you will be able to SSH into FBRI resources through the following methods. 

Note: Please ensure you are on the FBRI Network (wired, wireless or through the FBRI VPN).

Jump Host: is a server used as an intermediary between a client machine and a network of machines the client would like to connect to. It is used to manage access between the two, which helps create a layer of security between the user and the destination machine.

Using a terminal of your choice you can use the following commands to remote into FBRI resources. As of October 1st, 2023 Duo 2 Factor Authentication will be required on all Jump Host sessions. An example prompt is shown below. 

Duo Unix Authentication Prompt

To gain access to a server: 

ssh  -J

To copy files TO a remote host using scp:

scp -oProxyCommand="ssh -W %h:%p" FILE_TO_SEND

To copy files FROM a remote host using scp:

scp -oProxyCommand="ssh -W %h:%p" full_local_path

To use rsync to copy files TO a remote directory: 

rsync -av -e "ssh -A ssh" FILE_TO_SEND

To use rsync to copy files FROM remote directory: 

rsync -av -e "ssh -A ssh" /local/dir/

Additional Suggested Help Links

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Getting started and logging into our clusters.  

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