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Project Shares

The FBRI provides each Lab with a shared storage space on the network for research data called Project Shares.  The Project Shares are typically organized in a one-project-per-folder structure and access to each is based on the requirements and IRB restrictions.  In some cases, all members of the Lab have access to all project data, in others, each project is restricted.  


Accessing Project Shares: 

  • On a FBRI Windows computer, your Project Share root should be mapped for you automatically and assigned the drive letter P:\.   If your Windows PC does not have Project Shares mapped, you can find instructions to do so here
  • On a Mac or OS X device, you can map to the UNC path by following the instructions found here.
  • On a FBRI-provided Linux server, you can access your project data via auto-mounts using the path:

     /mnt/nfs/proj/project dir name

    Where project dir name is the directory name of the project as requested at project creation.  I.e. "mindgames"

PLEASE NOTE: Data stored on the network is backed up and protected.  FBRI does not backup or protect data stored locally on workstations.  

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