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Email Group Membership

If you need to have you or someone else added to, removed from, or have membership otherwise changed for an email group at FBRI, please Start a Conversation to request the change.

If you need to have an existing distribution group removed or a new one created that is VTCRI-centric and contains primarily, if not all, FBRI members, please Start a Conversation to request the new group.  Please include in your request: 

  • The name you would like the group to have (i.e. "Jones Lab", or "2019 Graduate Students".
  • Who should be members of the group.
  • Who should be able to send to the group: 
    • Everyone / anyone
    • Only members of the group
    • These specific people: xxx,xxx,xxx
  • Should the group be reachable via the Internet?  In other words, would you like to be able to send email to this group from outside the FBRI mail system via an "Internet" email address (i.e.

If you need a ListServ / email group that includes both internal and external entities and would like to manage it yourself, visit this article to learn more. 


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