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Virginia Tech Voice Services

To better support the university in teleworking, Virginia Tech is waiving one-time fees associated with services designed to improve the experience for employees working remotely. The services are described below and can be ordered by logging in to ServiceNow and submitting a request using one of the provided templates. No guest requests will be processed. 

Call Forwarding 
I want to forward my office phone number to my home or cellular phone number, so that all incoming calls to my office phone only ring on my home or cellular phone.

IF NOT IN THE OFFICE: Submit a ServiceNow request using this template

IF IN THE OFFICE:  How to Forward your Phone

Mobility (EC500)
I want to have my office phone and cellular phone linked together, so that I can answer incoming calls on either phone.
NOTE: This service may result in a monthly charge.
Submit a ServiceNow request using this template

Voicemail Notification
I want the voicemail system to notify me via email and/or text message when I have a new voicemail, so that I can call into the voicemail system and listen to new messages in a timely manner.
Submit a ServiceNow request using this template

Unified Messaging
I want my voicemail delivered to my email inbox.
Configure your email application using the following instructions

Unified Communications
I want to install a software application on my smart phone or computer that provides me with all of the features and capabilities of my office phone, so that my remote office experience is similar to being on campus.

NOTE: Requires software installation and administrative rights on your workstation.

Submit a ServiceNow request using this template, review the E911 acknowledgement statement, and configure your smart phone using the following instructions


For service questions, visit this page or contact NI&S Customer Service at 540-231-2800 or For technical support, please contact 4Help at or 540-231-4357.

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