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RS1 TBMH Conference Room R231 Self-Help Documentation

How to Schedule:
FBRI Admin
Riverside 1
Room Number: 
Special Instructions:
Located in the TBMH Suite
Room Equipment:
Projector, Screen,  Digital display,  Wireless Casting, Room PC,  Zoom

TBMH Suite 231 is currently equipped with a large display.  The room has capabilities for local presentations, as well as videoconferencing. 

When setting up for a presentation, you can utilize the room PC or laptop/MacBook. A laptop/MacBook can also be cast wireless to the screen

Video conferencing is possible through an Owl Lab Video Conferencing Camera available in inventory.  Please contact Becky Guynn for more details. Zoom is Virginia Tech's endorsed video conferencing platform

Connecting with a Laptop/MacBook to the Projector and/or Display

To connect a laptop/MacBook to the display via the HDMI cable at the podium, press the icon labeled "Press Here to Begin" on the touch panel to turn on they room system.

Find the Podium source icon and select it. This will send the content to the Display.

Within the podium's open enclosure, beneath the sliding tray holding the keyboard and mouse, you will find a video switcher.  This allows you to switch between a laptop/MacBook and the room PC.

Ensure that the video switch inside the podium is set to the second input,  Laptop, to connect your own device.

Connecting with the Room PC to the Projector and/or Display

Ensure that the video switch inside the podium is set to the first input,  Room PC, to connect the room PC to the displays.

Next utilize the keyboard and mouse, located on the conference table, which are connected to the room PC.  

Other essential tools to note are the My Files application, which can be used to access your FBRI Network Home Directory, the Web Mail shortcut to access the web-based email client, or a flash drive to transfer presentation files to the desktop.

Within the My Files application, you will need to login with your FBRI credentials to access your FBRI Network Home Directory. By default the connection will time out after 75 minutes. Any time during your session you can extend the connection time by 60 minute intervals.

Wireless casting from a Laptop/MacBook to the projector:

First make sure that AirServer is ready on the Room PC.

Select the application named Wireless.


You can mirror or extend your Mac display using AirPlay.

To start mirroring your screen, choose the AirPlay icon in the menu bar, then choose the name of the AirServer from the menu. You can then choose to mirror your primary display by selecting Mirror Built-in Display or extend your screen by selecting Use as Separate Display.To stop Airplay choose Turn AirPlay Off.

If the Icon is not visible in the menu bar, go to System Preferences, select Displays and select the Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available checkbox.


iPhone or iPad 

First make sure your device is connected to Eduroam or the cellular network.  (NOTE: You may also need to connect to the FBRI VPN from your mobile device.)

Next open the Control Center on your iOS device by swiping up from the bottom or top of the screen depending on the device and iOS version. Press Screen Mirroring and then the name of the room you want to connect to.  AirServer will now mirror the screen on your device.


Windows 10

To use the built-in screen projection in Windows 10 press Windows + K or swipe from the right on your touchscreen to open the Connect sidebar menu where you can select the conference room  AirServer from available Miracast receivers.

AirServer supports extended screen view. Select Change Projection Mode in the Connect sidebar menu (Windows + K) and then Extend in the Project sidebar menu.

To stop casting go back to the Connect sidebar menu by pressing Windows + K and select Disconnect.

If you have any issues with the connecting please reach out for additional assistance by Starting a Conversation.

Casting your screen Wirelessly to the Projector

- To connect to the projector and cast your screen or application wirelessly, press the icon labeled "Press Here to Begin" on the touch panel to turn on they room system.

- Find the "Podium" source icon and select it.  This will send the content to the Projector and/or Side TV destinations.

- Ensure that the video switch inside the podium is set to the "Podium" selection.

- Select the icon labeled Screen Casting on the Desktop. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your laptop to cast wirelessly.

You can also view the following article for more in depth instructions:

Video Conferencing:

Turn the Owl over and plug in the USB cable and power adapter.


Plug the USB cable into your computer, and plug the power adapter into an outlet.

Once the Owl’s eyes stop pulsing, and you hear a hoot, your Meeting Owl is ready to use.


Select the Meeting Owl as your video, microphone, and speaker.

Open your video conferencing software and select the Meeting Owl as your video, microphone, and speaker. 

Once you've opened your video conferencing software and selected the Meeting Owl as your video, microphone, and speaker, you're ready to start your meeting! Your Owl’s eyes will illuminate when the video is streaming.

If you need additional AV assistance please click the "Start a conversation" icon above and submit a request for assistance.

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